Reglued + Cream Cheese = "Dude, Where's My Chipmunk?"

ok so heres how it is. we will make stuff. we will have fun with it. you will laugh. i am sam. sam i am. i will not buy this record, it is scratched.

first off, ryan and i (once we figure out why we cant cut HIS grand opening ribbon... mabye his scissors need sharpening...) will be posting our ideas and such for a Magic: The Gathering card set called "Reglued" (based after the "Unglued" and "Unhinged" sets made by Wizards Of The Coast themselves...)

second off... well be posting our random chatterings... hence Squirell BANTER....

third off... its pretty obvious america hates all people who have the general muslim figure (sorry if the description sounds stereotypical i cant think of a better way to put it) and (with no research whatsoever)... not only is idaho predominantely white... it seems a bit white supremist.... but whatever (yes i will be putting more than just random stuff in here.... i watch the news occasionally...)


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