Sneak Preview

ok just a sneak preview of what were working on....

new keyword - (card type) Quickening (#) - when a card in play says this, all (card type)s cost # (colorless) less
ex. instant quickening 3 and instant quickening 2 in play, you play an instant that costs 4UU, it would cost UU instead

new keyword - Meteor (#) - when creature with this ability comes into play, it deals # damage to each opponent and all of their cards, including their hand, graveyard, in play, in their backpack, etc. instants are considered 0/3, sorceries 0/4, artifacts 0/2, and lands 0/6.

new card -
(Art - little dude with huge left foot)
Legendary Creature - Foot (RG)
Trample, rampage 3.
Big Foot gets +2X/+2X where X is your shoesize-4
"oops sorry to squash your house...."

example if your shoe size was 6, Big Foot wouldget +4/+4, making him 12/10.

thats all for now, adios people


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