3. 2. 1. Buboom! SHOOM! Zing-A-Da-Zing Pow Pow Pow Pow! .........pop. Pop. POP! Die. Dead. Ouch.

btw... the title of this post..... that would be the announcer at the races on a shugar high (i shpeeled it like that on purpose)

ok me and ryan have made yet another pact...... and this one we intend on KEEPING

(history of pacts:
rewrite shakespeare movie-wise and call it "Shakespeare..... STONED".... we gave up after the first day or so....
create "reglued" magic set made of our own random cards..... we had it goin good but were losing interest
train the fluffy bunnies to do our evil bidding and take over the world.... wait when did we agree on that???)

ok we want to learn FLASH and make internet cartoons..... such as a remake of the badger song, animate the comet song, and bring to life an original story by ryan....

the story will be posted alongside my prophecy which i plan to post by this coming wednesday

(if theres ANYONE reading this email me at DEMONIIIK@hotmail.com and tell me so.... otherwise we'll just start using this as a database with a voice)


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Name's David J. Corcoran.


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