The amazing random story and a first post- ever

heres a story that is random.

"hokay little kids, so todays story involves a goat and a glass of water. SHAT AP little kids and listen!

oh kay, so one mint and five peices of soap later the little goat, faloulou, ate his first peice of grass ever.
faloulou decided the likes to eat the grass, but it causes him to throw up...
so he takes a hoe and chunks it at the nearest tree because he feels like it and he wants to try eating a sloth
(he is hoping to knock one out of a tree)

ne wayz... he hit the tree and knocked down 5 sickles, 19 acorns, a mad squirrel, a potato, and an umbrella...
after suffing the acorns down the mad squirrel to shut him up, faloulou decides to plan the potato and go buy a large glass of water.
he buys the glass because the squirrel is choking...
but he cant find a glass of water so he administers cpr on the squirrel and the squirrel lives to chatter another day

and thus Foamy was born...he immeadiatly starts ranting about stuipid goats

so now faloulou is left with just the umbrella
he is not a smart ass so faloulou decides to jump off a cliff with the umbrella unopened... to sad result...

the umbrella exploded!!!!
faloulou then lands into a dam and causes it to teleport to the moon
so, as we know that the moon is made to cheese, the dam is not good for the moon, therefore...

happy chinese man to the rescue!

this amazing chinese is working to save the moon and faloulou (because he some how got stuck) from destruction at a rate of 3$ an hour!

once the moon is safe... the chinese turns communist and attacks Jupiter (hey i am writing the story, you shut up and listen to it)

but the chinese gets killed by a cattle prod and drowns...

THE END, or is it...

well... i do have a continuation to that story... but that will come at a later date...

EDIT (DEMONIIIK): yes i understand that the story was not posted by me, i understand that my prophecy was not included (it was left at school over summer.... so we may never see it again, i will attempt to reproduce what i remeber from it on here someday...), and yes. i understand thats two posts in one day even though we havent even posted for several months. deal with it. its called summer. theres nothing to do. were so kind. love us. I SAID LOVE US B!@#$. lol.

The Catch Up Game? WTF Is This Ketchup Game? I Don't Want Homework While Testing Tomato Based Products!!!

spoiled teenager:"oh my GAWD i just got my nails done and theyre like so shiny and pretty what do you think? omg omg omg!"
eerie man: "thats great."
eerie man: "kill kerby."
spoiled teenager: "...WHAT????? but hes so cute!!!!!!!!"
eerie man: "thats nice."
eerie man: "do it now."
eerie man: "......bitch."
spoiled teenager: "WHAT DID U JUST CALL ME???? ILL BITCH SLAP U.... ummm.... BITCH!"
eerie man: "....insecure girl."
eerie man: "kill him."
eerie man: "we dont have all day."
spoiled teenager: "...fine mister..... (under breath) i liked jiminy cricket better..."
eerie man: "I HEARD THAT BITCH!"

ne wayz. after abduction by multiple clans of monkeys, we have finally returned and begun finishing our barely started work. were very determined to finish, although we know this will probably just fall over and die again. you can tell because of the stressed looks on our faces.

(insert random picture here with huge grin)

so you get the idea.

anyway... were back to making cards.... and such.

not that anyone reads this. (i would say anymore. HAH.)

ryan is officially a member. (well unofficially... still workin out a few kinks)