The Catch Up Game? WTF Is This Ketchup Game? I Don't Want Homework While Testing Tomato Based Products!!!

spoiled teenager:"oh my GAWD i just got my nails done and theyre like so shiny and pretty what do you think? omg omg omg!"
eerie man: "thats great."
eerie man: "kill kerby."
spoiled teenager: "...WHAT????? but hes so cute!!!!!!!!"
eerie man: "thats nice."
eerie man: "do it now."
eerie man: "......bitch."
spoiled teenager: "WHAT DID U JUST CALL ME???? ILL BITCH SLAP U.... ummm.... BITCH!"
eerie man: "....insecure girl."
eerie man: "kill him."
eerie man: "we dont have all day."
spoiled teenager: "...fine mister..... (under breath) i liked jiminy cricket better..."
eerie man: "I HEARD THAT BITCH!"

ne wayz. after abduction by multiple clans of monkeys, we have finally returned and begun finishing our barely started work. were very determined to finish, although we know this will probably just fall over and die again. you can tell because of the stressed looks on our faces.

(insert random picture here with huge grin)

so you get the idea.

anyway... were back to making cards.... and such.

not that anyone reads this. (i would say anymore. HAH.)

ryan is officially a member. (well unofficially... still workin out a few kinks)


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